Happy New Year + What to Expect in 2014

By Shannon Bryant
Posted in Announcements on January 01, 2014

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Happy New Year everyone! I can't believe another year has gone by and here we are on the first day of 2014! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, fun, exciting and safe evening with your loved ones ringing in the New Year.


2013 was an amazing year for Shannon Bryant Photography. It completely surpassed all my expectations. I met so many wonderful people and was (and still am) so touched that my clients chose me to photograph their families.


Photography is so much more to me than just "pictures". Especially when it's of someone you love. I have felt the joy, happiness, love and so many other emotions that you feel when you see a photo of a loved one - or you yourself with someone you love. To be able to provide that for my clients gives me purpose. I want the photos I capture for you to be lifelong sources of joy, happiness and love. I want them to be photos that you pass on to your children, and their children. I want you to feel like I captured the truth. A moment in time. The moment as it is now. Your family as it is now. Your children as they are NOW. Because I know first hand how quickly time passes and how quickly life changes.


So, all that to say that I am EXCITED to continue on this year, in 2014! I'm not too big into New Year's Resolutions, however I do have a few professional goals and I think sharing goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable!



1. EMBRACE MY CREATIVITY. Something that is so enjoyable to me about photography is that I can be creative! I can envision something and bring it to life. I want to do more of that this year.


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SBP: Prior to your session, we will discuss your expecations and ideas and how we can turn your vision into a reality. This means anything from wardrobe/color schemes to new and unexpected locations to a certain theme you may want to go with. Nothing is off limits! Lets make your session fun and original! We can be creative together!


2. OFFER A LIFESTYLE NEWBORN SESSION OPTION. I love working with itty bitty newborns and posing them with sweet little hats and headbands. On a blanket, in a basket, in your arms. However, I realize that not everyone has the same taste. Some people don't want these posed photos. Some people just want photos of themselves at home with their new baby, interacting and living their real life and having it captured. As a Mom myself, I know how fleeting the newborn stage is and some people prefer to have it captured in a more realistic way. No matter how your newborn is photographed, it will be beautiful. It's all a matter of your preference!


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SBP: You will now have a choice! Want newborn photos without the cutesy props? You can get that at SBP. Want newborn photos of your baby all curled up with a sweet little hat on and his/her tush in the air? You can ALSO get that at SBP. I aim to please! I want you to have photos of your baby as a newborn - no matter what your style preference.


3. COME UP WITH INTERESTING AND FUN IDEAS FOR MINI SESSIONS. This past year I held basic mini sessions. They were so much fun and I was able to capture wonderful moments for many families. But this year I want my mini sessions to be more than that. I want there to be something unique and special about the mini sessions you book with me.


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR SBP: A little more planning before the session! Since I'd like to incorporate more props or a specific theme for my mini sessions, wardrobe planning will definitely be a big part of the planning process and I will be here to help you! I want my ideas and your family to mesh together perfectly so we can create amazing images that you will treasure.



So that's it for now! Just a little bit about what my goals are and what you can expect from Shannon Bryant Photography this year! A big thanks again to all of my clients for all of your support. I can't wait to make new memories with you all next year!



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