Blog Entries for January 17, 2014

By Shannon Bryant, Posted in Personal

The good thing about the Winter is that most photographers get some "down" time. Outdoor sessions aren't really taking place (at least not in the North East!) and there just doesn't seem to be as many babies being born, so the newborn sessions are slow also. I am trying to bask in this down time and enjoy being with my family. I feel like every time I blink my eyes, my sons are growing, and it seems to be going faster by the day. Somehow my baby is already 9 months and my big boy is working on 3... I'm not exactly sure when that happened! Sometimes life gets so busy that the days go by and you don't know where they went. My boys will never be this age again and this down time is giving me a chance to stop what I am doing and just capture the here and now...

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